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The New Alphabet K-12 Reading & Vocabulary Development Ebook

K-12 InterActive PDF Ebook Preview (Most Of The Top Push Buttons Are Functional) - Teacher Tips

Important Vocabulary Development Note About Adobe Reader PDF Files:  If You Over Line A Word In Adobe Reader And Then Right Click The Over Lined Word, You Will See An Option To "Look Up" The Word (At www.dictionary.com).  At Dictionary.com You Can Learn More About The Word's Meaning And Click On The Speaker Icon To Hear It Pronounced Correctly. 

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     The History Making New Ideas Covered In "The New Alphabet" InterActive K-12 Ebook Are How Our Letters Got There Shapes And What They Naturally Mean, How Our Words Were Created Letter By Letter In Over 100 Everyday English Words And How Punctuation Marks, Numbers, Math Symbols, And Geometric Shapes Probably Were Created; Plus How The New Electromagnetic Peace And Learning Science Used To Make These New Discoveries Works.  Over 100 Color Illustrations Help Readers Learn About The New Ideas More Easily, And Readers Who Know Or Are Learning More Than One Language Can Learn To Use The New Ideas In Other Languages By Reading A "One Language" Lesson.

    This 243 Page K-12 InterActive PDF Version Of "The New Alphabet" Was Created From The Original Version Ebook Especially For Teachers Or Parents, And All Ages Of Students Who Are Interested In These New Language, Math And Science Discoveries.

    Kindergarten To 2nd Grade Students Will Like The K-12 Ebook's Art And Love The New Way To Learn About How The Alphabet And Words Were Created From Their Bodies Which Language And Linguistic Experts Have Called "Wonderful", With A Teacher's Or Older Student's Help.

    3rd And 4th Grade Students (Who Have 35 "Younger Reader Bookmarks" In Adobe Reader) Can Become Better Spellers As They Learn The Letter By Letter Meaning Of Each New Word They Study In The K-12 PDF Ebook.  However, They Will Probably Need Some Teacher's Help At First With The "Navigation" Page, Which Helps Readers Learn How To Get Around Almost Like Experts In Adobe Reader, And They Will Also Need Help With Some Of The Advanced Reading.

    "The New Alphabet" InterActive Also Offers Approximately 5th Or 6th To 12th Grade Students Challenging And Exciting Reading Improvement, And Innovative Programmed Learning In Language, Math And Science; Including Over 500 In-Context (As Used Here) Vocabulary Words (Ones You Know Or Are Learning)  (As Shown With "In-Context" And "Vocabulary" In This Sentence) To Help Students Build Their Vocabulary As They Read  Words With In-Context Vocabulary Help

    Flesch-Kincaid Reading Level And Ease Scores (Calculated By Microsoft Word) Are Included For Reference In "Teacher Tips" To Help Teachers Select The Sections (2 Of Which Are 12th Grade Plus Level Reading) That They Would Like Students To Work On, With Or Without Their Help.  Right Clicking Any Word You Over Line In Adobe Reader Also Makes It Possible To "Look Up" That Word And Hear It Pronounced At www.dictionary.com, If You Are Connected To The Internet.

  All Ages Of ELL Students May Show Improvement In Their Reading Skills With This K-12 Ebook.  Free Translation Tools Are Also Available Online.

   More Advanced Readers Can Learn To Read The Black Ink Only With A Little Practice And Younger Readers Can Reread Each Page Using The Black Ink Only, After The First Time Through The Page Using In-Context (As Used Here) Vocabulary (Words You Know Or Are Learning) Help, And Adobe Reader's "Look Up" Option To Learn The Vocabulary Words.

    Learn Online's "Advanced Options" Has Each Letter From The Alphabet Section Of The K-12 Ebook Given As A K-12 Ebook Link On Each Individual Letter's Learn Online Page.

    101 Pages Of The 260 Page K-12 PDF Ebook Are Used For A Non-Competitive InterActive Push-Button Learning Test Designed To Help Readers Review What They Have Already Read And Learn More, And Score 100%.  Besides Having An Interactive 100 Question Test, "The New Alphabet" InterActive Also Has A 100 Question Printable Version Of "The Test" With Some Fill In The Blank Spelling Questions Included.  The Alphabet Test (47% Of "The Test") Has A Reading Level Score Of Grade 4.8 And A Reading Ease Score Of 88 (Out Of A Possible 100).  And, The K-12 InterActive Also Includes A Printable 15 Page Alphabet Workbook, With Exercises That Will Help Students Review And Apply The Ideas They Have Learned About The New Alphabet Discovery.

An Excerpt From "Teacher Tips" About "The Test":

"Vocabulary Help" is not given for "The Test", which will help the readers test their new vocabulary knowledge (what the vocabulary words mean).  However, right clicking any word in Adobe "Acrobat" Reader and then choosing "Lookup" will look that word up for you and say it at Dictionary.com, if you are online.  Hopefully, "Vocabulary Help" will help some developing (still learning) readers become more familiar with (learn to know about) dozens of new words while they read about "The New Alphabet's" exciting (fun to know) new ideas.

The New Alphabet, The New Alphabet Song, Alphabet People, New Alphabet, Learn The Alphabet Online, The New Alphabet, The New Alphabet Song, Alphabet People, New Alphabet, Learn The Alphabet Online   

Middle School Students Read At The 12th Grade Level With A K-12 Reading Development Ebook

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